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We have equipment from well-known manufacturers in our warehouse that is up-to-date and well-maintained. Our equipment stock is scalable. If there is additional demand, we work with other trusted suppliers. You can find a selection of the equipment in our warehouse on our equipment list.

pieces of equipment in stock

We have more than 400 pieces of equipment in our warehouse stock that you can rent.

equipment rental projects

We have realized more than 250 projects for equipment rental, delivery, set up & break down.

Equipment Rental, Delivery, Set Up & Break Down

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about our Equipment Rental, Delivery, Set Up & Break Down here. Click the button for more questions and answers.

The price depends on the type of equipment, the distances involved, the location, the days of use and the amount of rented materials. You can find a selection of our equipment and technology on the equipment list. This provides you an overview of what we have available for rental.

No, we take care of that for safety reasons. The set up and break down is included in all of our services. When you book the Equipment Rental, Delivery and Set Up & Breakdown service, you do receive a technical briefing from us. Managing the equipment for the event onsite is completely included in our Full Service Package.

Yes, when we deliver the equipment you get a technical briefing. We’re also happy to put small markings on the lighting or mixing consoles to activate preset lighting moods and sound settings. This allows you to control the lighting and music yourself.

Yes, when we deliver the equipment you get a technical briefing about how you can connect your cellphone to it. We’re also happy to provide an adapter depending on the model cellphone you have.

Therefore phonux events

Direct Contact

You speak with the person who is planning and realizing your event.

Professional Equipment

Our equipment inventory only includes well-known manufacturers.

Fair Prices

We work keeping the price in mind so that you receive a good overall package.
Full Service Events Technology

The All-Around Package for Your Event

From planning, delivery, set up, running the equipment on location, and breaking it all down and taking it away – with our full-service package you get all the technical support you need for lighting, sound and video, including:

  • Technical staff
  • Professional technology & equipment
  • Arrangements made with artists & other performers/crew